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What is LiFi

‘High Speed, Secure and Safe Data Transmission with the Use of LiFi Technology’

Wireless connectivity through cellular and Wi-Fi networks are an indispensable requisite for today's IT environments. What if you can get speed 100 times faster than traditional WiFi connections? Would you...

Pocket Size Device Solves Telephony Issues for Diabetes Singapore

Why did Diabetes Singapore deploy an open-source powered Crux LX to tackle their telephony challenge? What can you learn from their experience? Diabetes Singapore (DS) is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation. Its mission...
solar cells

Towards A Sustainable Future Driven By The Thrust of Organic, Flexible and Printable Solar...

Do you know that we are consuming natural resources at a much faster pace than we can possibly imagine? And that buildings make up for about forty per cent...
IoT vending machines

Benefits of IoT Vending Machines for Retail

Machine-to-machine (M2M) learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies present a lot of opportunities to increase business efficiency. One such opportunity exists in the retail vending machines segment. A...