The Key To Success In A Me-Too Business

You have always wanted to do something on your own. You have two options. You see someone struggling with some issue and you provide a solution for that pain...

Shellios: Helmets Against Air Pollution

Daily commuters in urban India are at high risk of chronic health deterioration stimulated by poor air quality. While those travelling in four-wheelers are safer to some extent, two-wheeler...

Startups to Provide Design Tool to Facilitate Businesses

A mission to help businesses create better-looking content and in turn save businesses from having to consume visually unappealing marketing and comms material The German startup has developed Xara  Cloud,...

IoT-Based Fuel Monitoring System To Bring About Fuel Efficiency For Your Organisation

Fuel consumption is a major concern area for large organisations, as it forms a major part of their operational costs. As the smart workplace culture dawns upon India, operational...
solar car

A ‘Made In India’ Solar Electric Car To Drive Sustainability

RVCE solar car team from RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru has developed electric vehicle ARKA. The interdisciplinary team comprises more than 30 engineering students from electronics and communication, computer...

Energy Saving and Comfort with IoT and Cloud Computing in Buildings

The employee productivity is vastly impacted by the office environment. For instance, over-cooling and hot-spots impact employee productivity by 8-10%, reveals Harvard School of Public Health report. The same report shows that high CO2 and...

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