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Look For Opportunities To Partner Rather Than Build The Entire Solution On Your Own

Paromik Chakraborty speaks with Somshubhro (Som) Pal Choudhury, partner, Bharat Innovation Fund (BIF)—a US$ 100 million early-stage venture fund for deep-tech IP-led startups in India—to understand how the fund plans to handhold the Indian startup ecosystem in its progress. Q. How does the Indian startup ecosystem look today? A. It has evolved with global and… Read More »Look For Opportunities To Partner Rather Than Build The Entire Solution On Your Own

AI-Powered Camera That Can Be Your Video Director

For filmmakers and video creators, the biggest satisfaction lies in capturing innovative videos from difficult angles smoothly. The manual shooting comes with many limitations that can make taking certain shots hard. As a solution to this, Hong Kong-based Remo Technologies have come up with an AI-powered auto-director camera, called Obsbot Tail. The device comes as… Read More »AI-Powered Camera That Can Be Your Video Director


A Sticker To Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Cellphones are the most popular electronic gadgets today. Reports estimate the total number of cellphone users to touch 4.7 billion globally in 2019, including an estimated 2.5 billion smartphone users. While cellphones have indeed made our lives easier in many ways, what has been a concerning point of discussion is the effect of the electromagnetic… Read More »A Sticker To Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

Innovative Air Purifiers To Improve Indoor And Outdoor Air Quality

Air quality index (AQI) is a measure of air quality used by governments and regulatory bodies to indicate pollution levels in a particular area. The higher the AQI, the less fit the air quality to live in that particular area. Poor air quality affects public health and increases the chances of airborne diseases. In general,… Read More »Innovative Air Purifiers To Improve Indoor And Outdoor Air Quality

Intelligent Drone For Industrial Inspections

An industrial setup requires strict vigilance of the functioning of all operational units. A single undetected problem in the setup can lead to long-lasting issues like long operational downtime, hassles with repair and maintenance of machines and, in critical situations, health and life risks to workers. Repercussions of such setbacks often lead to heavy financial… Read More »Intelligent Drone For Industrial Inspections

Smart Glove To Predict Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common, yet serious, neurological disorder that leads to associated health problems and risks. It is found in more than 50 million people worldwide—more than 2.4 million people are diagnosed with it every year. It is recognised most commonly through recurrent seizures and, at times, loss of bowel control and loss of consciousness.… Read More »Smart Glove To Predict Epilepsy

A Personal Translator On-The-Go

We are often unable to communicate well with local people while visiting foreign countries, or even some Indian states, mainly because of not knowing their language. A substantial population in the world, and even India, does not speak English. Sure, we have Google Translate, but it is not the optimal solution for fluent verbal communication.… Read More »A Personal Translator On-The-Go