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Innovations showcases the stories of Indian startups and entrepreneurs who bring remarkable contributions to the tech world by making in India.

Artificial Intelligence Redefining Blood Analysis

Taking blood tests is the first step in evaluating and detecting diseases, ranging from viral fever to parasitic illnesses like malaria and dengue, and complicated diseases like blood cancer and HIV. Pathology labs in India are always on their toes because of the high volume of test samples collected daily. Performing morphological and quantitative tests,… Read More »Artificial Intelligence Redefining Blood Analysis

New AI Tech Screens Social Media Background for Smarter Hires

Babysitter screening app Predictim’s AI technology can track a person’s digital footprint to gain a better understanding of his/her personality Berkeley, CA-based AI startup Predictim is introducing an AI solution that can help people uncover potential risks and red flags to enable smarter hires like identifying the most appropriate caregivers and dog walkers. Predictim’s technology… Read More »New AI Tech Screens Social Media Background for Smarter Hires

Anil Kumble’s Spektacom Technologies Launches ‘Power Bat’

It provides real-time data on a player’s performance based on different parameters such as speed and twist of the bat’s impact with the ball and the quality of the shot. Former India cricket captain Anil Kumble’s technology start-up, Spektacom Technologies, on Thursday launched the “Power Bat” – a unique tool to revolutionize cricketing experience for… Read More »Anil Kumble’s Spektacom Technologies Launches ‘Power Bat’

Crux LX

Crux LX: A Unified Communications Platform For Small And Medium Businesses

Communication is an integral part of business operations. At present, not only large businesses and enterprises but, small and medium-scale businesses (SMBs) serve from geographically-distributed regions, requiring investments in digital communication methods. To bring to them a cost-effective, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain connectivity solution, startup Crux Labs offers Crux LX. Problems that Crux LX addresses Rohit… Read More »Crux LX: A Unified Communications Platform For Small And Medium Businesses

design tiles

Converting Waste Plastic Bags into Design Tiles

It is well known that non-biodegradable plastic is choking planet Earth. A new technology has been developed to turn plastic waste into high-performance materials, in the form of tiles and blocks. These materials are weather-resistant, acid-proof, durable, offer better structural stability at a low cost and protect the environment from plastic dumping. This innovation is… Read More »Converting Waste Plastic Bags into Design Tiles

Smart Used Cans to Serve as Open Source Data Base

What if an empty beverage can is turned into mini satellite transmitting captured data like temperature and pollution levels, quality of air and water, ultra-violet penetration and traffic congestion levels in a city? That is exactly what a young Bengaluru based entrepreneur is doing since the last four years. Turning used cans into open-source data… Read More »Smart Used Cans to Serve as Open Source Data Base

Smart Technology Makes Organ Transplants Easier, Error Free

Now doctors can test the potential of a donor’s organ on the recipient even before conducting the transplant, thanks to OrganOx metra, a machine with smart technology that can keep a liver alive and suitable for transplant for 24 hours. The device which can preserve organs, has a rugged, robust design, an extended battery life… Read More »Smart Technology Makes Organ Transplants Easier, Error Free