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Solar Cold Storage: Green Energy Can Reduce Crop Wastage

To overcome the challenges of crop spoilage and high operating costs, solar cold storage are the most effective solution today. Crop spoilage in farms is a major obstacle that India...

Li-Fi: Tomorrow’s Connectivity With The Power Of Light

As more and more devices get connected to the Internet, soon there will a need for bigger bandwidth to accommodate the massive volume of data transactions. Light Fidelity (Li-Fi)...

Defeating Pollution With The IoT: Solutions In India

Indian cities have been struggling to bring pollution levels in check. Recent World Health Organisation reports have revealed that India has the most polluted air in the world—cities like...

Smart Drones And AI To Drive Businesses In India

From e-commerce and healthcare to retail and agriculture, drones are ready to conquer the delivery space with AI technology and hi-end efficiency. India is one of the largest growing...
Green buildings

Green Buildings: Architectures For A Green And Sustainable India

“Green buildings are a hallmark of economically sound business decisions, thoughtful environmental decisions and smart human impact decisions.” —Rick Fedrizzi, chairman, International WELL Building Institute The present environmental conditions of major Indian...

EV Batteries: A Look At India’s Manufacturing Ecosystem

India eyes to have an all-electric fleet by 2047, instead of the government’s earlier target of achieving this by 2030. The initiative has given a major push to the...

Silicon has replaced many elements being used traditionally

The advent of nanotechnology and the likes is enabling lighter, smaller and cheaper electronics. This has led to the creation of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) oscillators. Nidhi Arora, executive editor,...
WiFi access points, ruckus

New WiFi Access Points for Smart Cities

The new WiFi access points are designed to provide WiFi coverage in space-constrained sites and in hard-to-reach areas With an aim to provide the WiFi access points (AP) for various smart cities and street...
Blockchain, solutions, tech giants

Want to do Blockchain: Can Tech Giants Help?

If you wanted to try out a blockchain solution—can any of the tech giants help you? How? Blockchain is claimed to revolutionise almost every field whether it is finance, data...
India, boy, children, facial recognition software

Delhi Police using Facial Recognition Software to Identify Lost Children

In a new experimental trial of facial recognition Software (FRS) by New Delhi police, thousands of children who vanished in the streets, alleyways and slums of India has been...

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