Technology is revolutionising travel, Are you ready?

“During the last few decades, modern technology with radio, TV, air travel and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world into almost...
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Now Cast Your Phone Screen On to Smart TV

Smart TV has now become the hub of entertainment for many people. A smart TV not only allows the user to cut the cord and enjoy on-demand internet but now...

Sony’s E-paper Watch with In-build 24 Design Patterns

Remember the e-paper watch we reported that Sony has been working on? The company has made an official announcement regarding the same, let’s see what new in this watch The...
smart TV

Smart TV for India, Made in India

ABAJ has launched its new smart LED HD TV, which is made in India and suits the Indian power consumption needs. With their new '55-inch LN 140 SMT FHD/SMART' TV,...
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Virtual assistants for your home

Exercising regularly to stay fit is the topmost New Year’s resolution for many. However, every year, most of us fail miserably at following it. This year, however, has been...

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