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Medical Devices For Home-Use

In the fast-pace modern life, it is difficult to find time to visit doctors for regular checkups. However, we must all be aware of our various health parameters like blood pressure, insulin levels, haemoglobin, pulse rate and so on. With the advent of portable medical testing devices, we can take care of ourselves from home,… Read More »Medical Devices For Home-Use

Features To Look For In Your New Smart TV

Televisions with high-definition picture quality are what viewers expect at the least today. Having smart features added to them makes TV viewing experience even more enjoyable. All TV manufacturers have their own smart interface, each having significant differences. These smart TV platforms enhance your viewing experience. This article takes you through the list of features… Read More »Features To Look For In Your New Smart TV

Save Electricity And Water With Smart Electronic Devices

LED bulbs and solar panels have reduced wastage and consumption of electricity. There are smart devices available in the market that help conserve the energy further and reduce electricity bills. Remote control of smart home devices adds another factor to the conservation of energy. Let us look at some such smart devices available in the… Read More »Save Electricity And Water With Smart Electronic Devices

Wearables: When Technology And Fashion Blend

Until a few years ago, wearable devices—or simply wearables—were not considered wearable by the fashion-conscious, as these lacked panache. The lines between the two are, however, getting blurred every day. Gone are the days of bulky and bland-looking smartwatches and fitness trackers. Now, the fashionista in you does not have to sacrifice style for convenience… Read More »Wearables: When Technology And Fashion Blend

Learning Through Gaming: Apps To Make Learning Fun

Apps can make learning fun for kids and adults alike. Such apps are easy to understand, user-friendly and have a seamless interface. The apps help achieve social, emotional, physical and intellectual development, and make learning effective for everyone. Rhyme Time This app package by Ultra has handpicked content that entertains, educates and encourages kids to… Read More »Learning Through Gaming: Apps To Make Learning Fun