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Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities

An international alliance aims at developing an open source, multi-transport wireless networking technology and data model to eliminate dependency on proprietary solutions The uCIFI Alliance, an alliance including members from Kerlink,...

Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs to Hit the Market by 2019

Robot dogs can unload the dishwasher, deliver packages to your home and open door and they use their thin metallic legs to traverse stairs or crawl straight into your...
software suite

AI Software Suite to Accelerate Businesses

Atos makes an attempt to provide support for businesses and institutes in the development of AI applications A comprehensive AI software suite by Atos has been launched for businesses globally...

Google Plans Big for Indian Public Wifi Market

Google is planning to expand Wi-Fi services to malls and varsities by taking its service called station beyond railway stations to public places such as malls, cafés and universities....