Cafe Coffee Day

Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly while Sipping Coffee

Currently, over 300 wireless charging units are deployed across more than 100 Cafe Coffee Day stores. To turn customer experience up a notch higher, Cafe Coffee Day installed wireless charging...

Startup makes Designing your own Alexa Easy

Have you felt a disconnect with your Alexa and wished she could share more of your sense of humour or tell you an actually scary ghost story? Well now...

Skullcandy Expands its Wireless Headphone Line with the Launch of Venue

Skullcandy Inc. launches wireless headphones with active noise canceling technology and 5 hours battery backup with 10 minutes charging. Skullcandy introduced new wireless headphones - Venue. These new innovative headphones comes with...

AI Being Tested By Indian Institute To Empower Dermatology

The AI-based application can diagnose 12 high level dermatological disorders, further classifiable into 90 secondary conditions, with high accuracy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is actively being explored as a potential tool...

India’s First Cashier-less Store Comes up in Kerala!

Why did an Indian retail firm go cashier-less, and how did they manage to do it? Watasale (pronounced ‘what a sale’) is India's first cashier-less store that’s opened up in...

Doorstep delivery of government documents for Delhi citizens

The helpline-based system supports services for 40 document types as of now, which is set to increase to 100 in another three months. The Delhi State Government launched the first...
Kerala flood

ISRO’s satellite technology aiding rescues in flooded Kerala

Five ISRO satellites are providing real-time data and images on the flood-hit regions of Kerala to enable quick rescue The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has been lending a much...

Sony’s E-paper Watch with In-build 24 Design Patterns

Remember the e-paper watch we reported that Sony has been working on? The company has made an official announcement regarding the same, let’s see what new in this watch The...

Robots for Automated Pizza-Making

Mechanised alternatives to hand-made pizzas with improved overall delivery rates A pizzaiolo robot launched by a French start-up Ekim can help automate the process of making pizzas. With three arms...

Google Shutting Social Media Network Google Plus Six Months After Users Data Leak

Made available for consumers' use in 2011, Google Plus was immediately seen as Google’s failed attempt at taking on Facebook’s growing popularity Google has decided to shut much of its...