Google Shutting Social Media Network Google Plus Six Months After Users Data Leak

Made available for consumers' use in 2011, Google Plus was immediately seen as Google’s failed attempt at taking on Facebook’s growing popularity Google has decided to shut much of its...

Spam-proof SMS Inbox Feature to Improve Paytm User Experience

The Machine Learning-powered SMS Inbox will differentiate authentic messages from spams and will also provide message categorisation. Paytm has launched Spam-proof ‘SMS Inbox’ as a part of the Paytm Inbox...

Asterisk-based Enterprise Telecom Solutions to be Showcased at OSI’18

The open source enterprise telecom solutions by *astTECS can reduce cost and maintenance of telecom infrastructure for enterprises. At Open Source India (OSI) 2018, a wide range of enterprise communication &...
smart fence

Smart Fence and High-end Surveillance Techs to Protect Jammu Borders

The 5.5 km long smart fence and other technologies are deployed as part of the CIBMS project to provide real-time surveillance across adverse terrain and river borders. India raised its...

Digital Signage Solutions with Cloud Technology and Central Management

Panasonic's new digital signage solution consists of a 4K video wall and professional display, powered by their proprietary software Panasonic India unveiled its new range digital signage solution called SignEdge....
Cafe Coffee Day

Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly while Sipping Coffee

Currently, over 300 wireless charging units are deployed across more than 100 Cafe Coffee Day stores. To turn customer experience up a notch higher, Cafe Coffee Day installed wireless charging...
Automation tools

Solution to Centralise Monitoring of Business Automation Tools

The centralised automation monitoring platform launched by Genpact can improve data security, enable predictive maintenance and increase business productivity by 50 per cent. Automation of business operations are in the...
water leakage monitoring

Devices to Automate Water Leakage Monitoring

The sensorised devices by Grohe can detect water leakage, send alerts on smartphone and auto-shutdown the leaking water line. Smart technologies are useful in reducing wastage of resources like electricity...
intelligent transport system

Mobility Data to Enable Intelligent Transport Management in India

Regulatory frameworks are being worked upon by the government to help gather accurate mobility data and secure them from breaches or misuse. Very soon, the Indian government will start collecting...

India’s First Cashier-less Store Comes up in Kerala!

Why did an Indian retail firm go cashier-less, and how did they manage to do it? Watasale (pronounced ‘what a sale’) is India's first cashier-less store that’s opened up in...