intelligent transport system

Mobility Data to Enable Intelligent Transport Management in India

Regulatory frameworks are being worked upon by the government to help gather accurate mobility data and secure them from breaches or misuse. Very soon, the Indian government will start collecting...

India’s First Cashier-less Store Comes up in Kerala!

Why did an Indian retail firm go cashier-less, and how did they manage to do it? Watasale (pronounced ‘what a sale’) is India's first cashier-less store that’s opened up in...
autonomous retail outlet

Nation’s first autonomous retail outlet in action at Kochi

Shoppers can enter the store scanning a QR-code on the store's smartphone app, pick up the products and walk out; billed amount will be debited later. A group of entrepreneurs...

Doorstep delivery of government documents for Delhi citizens

The helpline-based system supports services for 40 document types as of now, which is set to increase to 100 in another three months. The Delhi State Government launched the first...
autonomous cars

India’s first autonomous tractor revealed by Escorts Group

The autonomous tractor along with other digital agri-service platforms announced at the event will eventually help farmers double their incomes. Escorts Limited launched an array of automatic farming solutions at...

An all-in-one ICT solution for SMEs to reduce maintenance

The ICT box, called SmartOffice, can deliver functionalities of IP-PBX, Wi-Fi router, Firewall, DHCP server and more, reducing overall investment required in voice and data infrastructure. Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS)...

AI solution under trial to address Bengaluru’s traffic woes

The intelligent traffic management platform can perform real-time traffic density calculation, signal operation, auto-ticket generation, accident detection and more. The Electronic City Township Authority (ELCITA), Bengaluru, has flagged off the testing...

All-in-one web client with team chat to improve enterprise productivity

The IceWarp web client for enterprises streamlines important inter-team or client communications  for better regulation and efficient operations. Hosted messaging and collaboration platform provider IceWarp Inc. today announced IceWarp Webclient...
green building

Vadodara gets the first green police station in India

The police station at Harni, Vadodara, has reduced energy bills by 25 per cent, optimised water usage and built cleaner and comfortable indoors using green infrastructure. Harni police station in...

Facial recognition for Aadhaar verification mandatory from 15th September

Issuance of new SIM card and more services will require facial recognition along with fingerprint scan during Aadhaar verification; non-compliance will draw penalties. Citizens will now require their live facial...

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