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This is a 'buyers' guide' segment that helps readers take informed decisions for purchase or investment related to technology.

Microwave sensors

Microwave and PIR Sensors: A Small Investment For Big Savings

Microwave sensors are cost-effective solutions to save energy expenses and secure premises of businesses. Their most popular use is in lighting, where these can save up to 40 per...

Streetlighting: Should States Invest In Solar?

The call for energy-efficiency has been stronger than ever, and states like Delhi are steering the drive right from the streets. AC mains-driven LED streetlights are great as low-cost...

Can investing in an online UPS be a good decision?

  An enterprise recently switched to an online UPS system after experiencing regular equipment failures. The company had upped its production, which significantly increased its power consumption. While the company...

Artificial Intelligence On Hire!

Almost everyone agrees that artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing for businesses. But, is there any AI platform ready for you to deploy? While IBM’s Watson is...

How to select drones for your business

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, were originally developed for military purposes. These are aerial vehicles without a pilot, which are controlled either from ground using radio controllers...

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