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Buyers’ Guide

This is a ‘buyers’ guide’ segment that helps readers take informed decisions for purchase or investment related to technology.

Business Intelligence Tools That Enhance Productivity

Business intelligence tools are types of application software that collect and process large amounts of unstructured data from internal and external systems, including books, journals, documents, health records, images, files, emails, video and other business sources. Businesses of all sizes require optimum utilisation of resources to accomplish desirable performance. They need to track assigned or… Read More »Business Intelligence Tools That Enhance Productivity

Medical Devices For Home-Use

In the fast-pace modern life, it is difficult to find time to visit doctors for regular checkups. However, we must all be aware of our various health parameters like blood pressure, insulin levels, haemoglobin, pulse rate and so on. With the advent of portable medical testing devices, we can take care of ourselves from home,… Read More »Medical Devices For Home-Use

Blaupunkt Dashcam

The Right Dashcam for Your Car

A new digital transformation is coming soon to your car. Most of the mirrors will either be replaced or be upgraded with digital camera systems (Dashcam). Carmakers are already partnering with electronics companies to make this shift happen. Digital dashboard cameras, or dashcams, are already well-known to car owners. Not only do these devices give… Read More »The Right Dashcam for Your Car

Picking Bluetooth-Powered Headphones Within ₹ 4000

The technology world has already shown us the unlimited advantages of going wireless. Wireless headphones are one of the most popular innovations today. The flexibility of hands-free control and freedom from tangled wires in crowded vehicles is incomparable. Headphones can utilise technologies like Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF) to operate wirelessly. In this article we… Read More »Picking Bluetooth-Powered Headphones Within ₹ 4000

home security cameras

Choosing Cloud-Powered Plug-And-Play Home Security Cameras

Plug-and-play devices are quite handy for households. These save time, money and effort in installation, and get into action anytime and anywhere. Latest wireless security cameras have also joined the list of plug-and-play electronics. The rise of IP-based cameras with real-time feed has enabled modern nuclear families to ensure safety of their children, pets and… Read More »Choosing Cloud-Powered Plug-And-Play Home Security Cameras

Choosing A Laptop For Home Within ₹ 35,000

Modern laptops come in many form factors and performance capacities. As computing components like processors and RAM have improved tremendously, powerful laptops at reasonable prices have become widely available. In this article, we look at the features and capabilities that a laptop should possess to deliver the optimal usage experience to home users for daily… Read More »Choosing A Laptop For Home Within ₹ 35,000

Buying The Right LED Tubelight

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are on the verge of becoming the standard lighting technology today. Households and offices alike have recognised their ability to reduce electricity bills and deliver collateral benefits such as better colour options and higher lifespans over fluorescent and incandescent lights. Among LED lightings, tubelights is one of the most popular categories.… Read More »Buying The Right LED Tubelight