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Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities

An international alliance aims at developing an open source, multi-transport wireless networking technology and data model to eliminate dependency on proprietary solutions

The uCIFI Alliance, an alliance including members from Kerlink, EDMI and Schréder, announced their goal of reducing complexities for device suppliers and delivering data and services consistently regardless of the concerned network.

A step towards freeing end customers

During the IoT Tech Expo Europe in Amsterdam, the alliance said that it aims at freeing end customers of their dependence on single-source suppliers and hence, reducing the problems for integrators to deliver data and services.

To provide device-to-device and device-to-cloud IoT communication to cities and utilities independently, the alliance will specify a unified data model and interface across multiple IoT networks. The networks will include LoRaWANTM, NB-IoT and an open-source sub-GHz long-distance mesh network.

Potential smart city applications

Network owners may find it difficult to integrate multiple proprietary systems and APIs or deal with a dependence on single-source suppliers for network hardware or software layers. The alliance looks forward to developing an open and interoperable sub-GHz mesh network and provide an alternative option for connecting smart devices in utility and IoT space.

This can pave ways to smart streetlight solutions and other smart city applications. The combination of uCIFI mesh and LoRaWAN networking technologies may enable the ability to control, command and monitor millions of both constantly powered and battery-powered devices.

The standardized open source, sub-GHz long-range Wi-SUN-compliant meshing networking technology specified by uCIFI can create a toolkit for solutions providers and their customers. This can eventually allow device-to-device communication for applications in dynamic outdoor lighting and energy demand response.

The founding companies of the uCIFI Alliance and the cities and utilities that support this open initiative share a common vision that markets will be opened up if cities and utilities have the choice among competing but interoperable vendor products based on an open source code base.

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