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Spam-proof SMS Inbox Feature to Improve Paytm User Experience

The Machine Learning-powered SMS Inbox will differentiate authentic messages from spams and will also provide message categorisation.

Paytm has launched Spam-proof ‘SMS Inbox’ as a part of the Paytm Inbox – a feature that automatically filters spam SMS and its related notifications.

The Spam-proof SMS Inbox uses proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to classify SMS into Personal, Transactional and Promotional categories, offering a clutter-free experience. This SMS categorization is done locally on the device by the app only after the user gives an explicit consent to avail this service.

Once activated, the app educates users about the various classifications of the SMS categories and their utility value. They can also choose to delete one or several threads, re-classify SMS and mark SMS as read/unread. The Machine Learning engine remembers user’s inputs and updates itself accordingly to customize its detection patterns and enhance user experience while removing the need to have a dedicated standalone SMS spam protection app on the phone.

Deepak Abbot, Senior Vice President, Paytm, said, “We have witnessed a huge discomfort by mobile phone users in SMS especially with the bulk of it being spam. As a technology company, we want to offer a convenient solution to this problem and are excited to announce the launch of the Spam-proof ‘SMS Inbox’ which is a part of Paytm Inbox. While filtering spam and categorizing SMS, it brings a lot of features that would add value to the lives of our users. It’s a small step in our endeavor to build technology-driven solutions and we will continue investing our efforts in this direction.”

Paytm recently added several new services to Paytm Inbox, including in-app Live TV, News, Cricket, Entertainment Videos and Games among others. This has made it a part of the everyday routine of its users, with National, Entertainment, Sports, Technology & Business emerging as the most popular categories, while Telugu, Kannada & Hindi are the most popular languages.

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