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Smart Fence and High-end Surveillance Techs to Protect Jammu Borders

The 5.5 km long smart fence and other technologies are deployed as part of the CIBMS project to provide real-time surveillance across adverse terrain and river borders.

India raised its border security with the inauguration of smart fences along Jammu border earlier this month. As a part of the comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS), the smart fence occupies a stretch of 5.5 kilometers (km) across the border that will help India’s defense to stay alert about any security incidents in real-time. The main purpose of this inauguration was to enhance surveillance in difficult terrains and across river borders, where manual vigilance becomes restricted. The inauguration was done by Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh.

The capacities of the CIBMS

The complete CIBMS setup comprises of a variety of high-end technologies, besides the smart fence, that enable human-less real-time invigilation of borders. These include infrared-based and laser-based intrusion alarm systems that can create an always-on invisible fence, thermal imagers for detection of camouflaged breaches, aerial surveillance using aerostats, sonar systems for guarding riverine edges and ground sensors to pick up real-time data through tunnels or underground. Command and control centers at nearest proximity will keep receiving all these data through fiber-optics in real-time, and take actions as and when necessary.

Singh said to the media that the idea of this technology was conceived from his visit to Israel last year, where similar security infrastructure was in action. Based on feedback received from the system going ahead, the ministry may deploy similar solutions in Assam for a stretch of 60 km. In addition, Singh also informed that border infrastructure are being upgraded, with over 600 km road built so far.

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