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Now Booking Meeting Spaces is Easier with Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business comes with upgraded new feature for its users to reserve a conference room or ask about free space availability within the organization.

Amazon debuting new feature which let the users check availability and book meeting spaces. Well, it’s common at workplace going room to room and looking for some space for a last minute meeting and sometimes it becomes stressful and time-consuming. But now with  the new feature, Alexa for Business can be used to reserve conference room just by asking, “Alexa book the conference room for an hour”, or “Alexa, is the room free at 4?”, or if the conference room is already occupied then the user can know who owns the current reservation in the meeting room by asking “Alexa, who booked the conference room?”. So, now the user can find out sitting at one place that the meeting in the conference room is happening or not.

IT admins can use this feature by linking  Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google G-Suite calendaring systems in the Alexa for Business console and it requires read/write permissions. Users who are already using Alexa must re-link Office 365 and G Suite calendars, and update their Microsoft Exchange permissions.  

The feature is now part of the other features for Alexa for Business platform, which efficiently let the user manage the meeting place in a better way. With Alexa’s assistance you can introduce Alexa to your organization. This feature is now available in Alexa for Business console in all AWS regions.

After the launch of Alexa for business many big companies already adopted the use of Alexa in their organization. As per now Amazon is observing how to bring Alexa outside the home. Alexa for Hospitality has already been launched and is successfully being used in colleges on putting Echo Dots in student dorms. Last month Alexa device for vehicles was also introduced.

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