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New Robot to Meet Automation Needs across Industries

This 6-axis variant robot has articulate motion capabilities required for complex manufacturing applications.

The six-axis variant robot – BRABO TR06-6, has been launched in order to cater to the automation requirements in automotive, electronics, foundry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), metal fabrication and plastics industries, thanks to TAL Manufacturing Solutions.

Why go for BRABO TR06-6?

Equipped with the standard advantages of its predecessor – the five-axis variants of BRABO, BRABO TRO6-6 is easy to install, use and maintain. Its modular design enhances the work envelope, ensuring path accuracy and low noise emission. It will also make robot teaching easier due to its lighter teach pendant, user-friendly interface and design.

The robot is capable of automating tasks like welding, cutting, sealing, gluing, material handling, vision inspection, chamfering, deburring and other applications needing precise motion.

Improves quality, productivity, brings in transparency

BRABO TR06-6 will improve quality, productivity and bring in flexibility, allowing industries to rapidly adopt robotic automation independently. It has been designed in a way that workers without any previous experience of using a robot can also operate it. The robot is ideal for SMEs and MSMEs.

Speaking at BRABO TRO6-6 launch, Amit Bhingurde, COO at TAL Manufacturing Solution Limited, said, “BRABO TR06-6 will allow both large and small manufacturing players to implement world-class engineering solutions in their work processes and transform their businesses into technologically advanced ecosystems.”



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