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New AI Tech Screens Social Media Background for Smarter Hires

Babysitter screening app Predictim’s AI technology can track a person’s digital footprint to gain a better understanding of his/her personality

Berkeley, CA-based AI startup Predictim is introducing an AI solution that can help people uncover potential risks and red flags to enable smarter hires like identifying the most appropriate caregivers and dog walkers.

Predictim’s technology can track a person’s digital footprint (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to assess personality traits and behaviors which cannot be discerned from background checks alone. It scans an entire online footprint, going back years to give insights and exposing potential risks.

By reviewing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, the AI technology can analyze a person’s personality characteristics, identify potential areas of compatibility as well as possible concern to help people make informed decisions.

How it Works

“We trained our AI algorithms using billions of social media data points to increase the accuracy of our reports about important personality traits. Our proprietary technology can identify social media content that is aggressive, abusive, explicit, or offensive with a very high accuracy rate, and it continues to improve,” the company said.

The solution gives people a better understanding of a babysitter, to identify the high-quality and trustworthy caregivers they want for their children, loved ones, pets and homes.

Predictim uses natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to scan a person’s digital footprint and draw insights.

You can see reports on how the potential caregiver scored on several relevant personality traits, such as bullying and harassment, disrespectful attitude, drug abuse, or posting explicit content online.

Predictim’s platform can also be used to screen potential hires in the gig economy, or human resources, hiring, lending, and insurance.

Sal Parsa, CEO, Predictim is of the opinion that the current background checks parents generally use don’t uncover everything that is available about a person, and also interviews can’t give a complete picture.

Parsa believes that analyzing alternative data sources, including the social media sites, can provide a clear and complete picture of the caregiver.

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