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Mobility Data to Enable Intelligent Transport Management in India

Regulatory frameworks are being worked upon by the government to help gather accurate mobility data and secure them from breaches or misuse.

Very soon, the Indian government will start collecting mobility data in real-time using a host of intelligent transportation solutions. Technologies will include license plate readers, IoT-powered infrastructure, AI platforms and more. The aim is to create a smart transportation ecosystem that will improve transportation infrastructure and reduce existing problems like traffic congestion and traffic rule overstepping. Regulation frameworks will soon be in place regarding mobility data collection.

Ideation of the intelligent transport system
The idea was conceived during Niti Aayog’s recent mobility summit, where the need for extensive data collection and analytics-driven transport strategy creation was identified, as reported by an English Daily. Smart traffic sensors and IoT-powered infrastructure were the first of the solutions suggested by Niti Aayog for the purpose. The English Daily reports a senior government official stating that policies are being worked upon that will standardise data collection regulations to prevent privacy breaches, security concerns or any kind of data misuse.

A centralised informatics hub will be constructed where mobility information will be mined using big data analytics to create strategies for traffic and transport management. For example, datasets and statistics on intercity train capacity utilisation will be used to create insights and cover routes that require more transport availability or improved infrastructure.

The government may partner with technology firms for solutions, with names like IBM Watson and Alibaba City Brain platforms appearing on top of the speculations, as reported by the Daily. The solutions are expected to include features like AI-powered traffic management platforms, interactive dashboards, centralised control and more. Ensuring data accuracy, reliability and safety are the primary focus areas for the government, as reported.

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