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ISRO’s satellite technology aiding rescues in flooded Kerala

Five ISRO satellites are providing real-time data and images on the flood-hit regions of Kerala to enable quick rescue

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has been lending a much needed hand to the flood-hit regions of Kerala with the help of five of its earth-based satellites, namely, Resourcesat-2, Oceansat-2, INSAT 3DR, Cartosat-2 and Cartosat-2A. These satellites are consistently providing information and images on real-time weather situations, weather forecasts, regional conditions and other crucial updates on the flooded areas of the state to the control center. These data are enabling the rescue departments to stay consistently informed and take immediate rescue actions wherever necessary.

How the satellites are aiding the center
Each satellite is assigned to provide data on different parameters that will help analyse the situation better. For instance, The INSAT-3DR is an advanced meteorological satellite, equipped with an imaging system and an atmospheric sounder. It is relaying live statistics on variables like temperature and humidity, allowing prediction of weather conditions. The Resourcesat, Oceansat and both Cartosat satellites, equipped with on-board cameras, are capturing high resolution images of every region from various angles and distances.

All these data are relayed to the Decision Support Centre (DSC) at the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), ISRO, Hyderabad, where necessary analyses and report generation are done. In case of further events of flood or prediction of impending weather deterioration, the flooded areas are marked in the report immediately. Inundation maps are generated, color-coding the flooded and non-flooded regions and are shared with the state and Central relief agencies. The reports also contain information on transport network status, affected villages and more, using which, the relief organisations can plan and deploy rescue teams quickly.

In this way, ISRO’s Disaster Management Support program is enabling rescue operations in Kerala, where more than 370 lives and over 26,000 houses have fallen victim to the devastating floods.

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