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All-in-one web client with team chat to improve enterprise productivity

The IceWarp web client for enterprises streamlines important inter-team or client communications  for better regulation and efficient operations.

Hosted messaging and collaboration platform provider IceWarp Inc. today announced IceWarp Webclient 12.1 – a team chat platform with advanced team collaboration features and extended options for email composition.

The main aim of the platform is to create natural flow of team work and deliver the most important information directly to the team. As a result, business decision makers and managers can optimise inter-team connectivity and increase overall efficiency.

Features of Webclient 12.1
The Webclient 12.1 brings two-factor authentication and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance that ensures enterprise-grade security while in use.

It comes with an office suite that lets users create, preview and edit MS Office and open file formats through its online editors tools. There are a gamut of more features in the platfor that can come handy for enterprises:

New email UI: An upgraded email composition window with simple design and usability.

Delayed Sending: Users can schedule emails for later. It also the delayed email which is in the Outbox.

Unsubscribe unwanted emails: Webclient 12.1 solution allows users to unsubscribe unwanted mails.

TeamChat connected: It allows an user to compose a new mail with the help of another user and share the draft or incoming emails in Team chat rooms. Later, the user can easily send them to the group members from the chat room.

Team Chat Daily Digest: It helps users to receive daily team chat updates if he or she missed to participate in the team chat group.

Calendar Event Composition: This feature automatically informs the host about a convenient time for every teammate to join in a meeting before scheduling and sharing the calendar with them. This helps the host to plan the meeting with no conflicts with other invitees or attendees.

Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp – India & Middle East, said, “Email is still the preferred way of business communications, both within the organizations and with the rest of the world. It also helps us to store communication for regulatory and compliance needs.”

Adam Paclt, Global CEO, IceWarp, said, “Smart organisations want to connect with clients and manage their business functions on emails. In order to avoid multiple toggling, IceWarp’s webclient 12.1 version allows companies to perform their major project or task with a single interface with no complication of switching between applications to accomplish standard tasks. This will lead to an increase in IT productivity.”

The organisation claims that this is the first global web client with all-in-one team chat feature. With a 200% increase in revenue in FY 2017-18 in India, IceWarp has invested US$ 1 million for some significant deals in India. They have a working unit in Mumbai currently, and is all set to expand further within the nation.

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