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Fiber To The Home Technology for Telecoms

Fiber to the home technology can allow TV calling features and further developments in smart home technologies

An optical fibre-based broadband service JioGigaFibre will soon be launched by Reliance Industries. The company has proposed taking fibre-based broadband connectivity to homes and enterprises in 1,100 cities.

Technology for the telecom sector

With its smart home technology and TV calling features, JioGigaFibre can be an advancement in the Indian telecom sector. The broadband connection will be provided with a set-top box for TV along with an enabled voice command feature.

The telecom development is based on Fiber to the home (FTTH) technology and the connectivity is likely to have initial data speeds of 100 Mbps. The company plans to extend fibre connectivity to homes, merchants and SMEs.

Solutions to traditional cables

FTTH means installing the fibre cable right up to individual buildings. Presently, the fibre cable is said to reach only till the main premises while the last connections to individual homes/offices are through traditional copper cables.

A fibre cable till the individual unit can increase speed and quality and thus, improve the experience of surfing, gaming and streaming, etc. It has been suggested that FTTH could be faster than the traditional modem connections as it is free of patches, unlike the traditional cables.

Promised scales can escalate the benefits

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) already offers FTTH broadband schemes in Kolkata and Chennai. However, the promised scales of the application can allow Jio to develop the technology in a number of cities.

The company has anticipated disruptions in home broadband pricings as well as the mobile services market. The Fiber to the home technology comes with the likelihood of stepping up Indian telecom services and benefit smart home technologies.

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