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Facebook’s New Feature to Allow 250 Group Members Chat at a Time!

The Social networking giant expects that Chat for Groups would make its discussion forums more real-time and engaging, and help strengthen loyalty

Facebook has a good news for those who love group chats. The Social networking giant is reportedly introducing a new feature that would allow the members of Facebook Groups to launch group chats in which as many as 250 members could join.

With Groups Chats, Facebook offers its active users a platform to collectively plan events, arrange in-person meetings, or have deeper discussion with their close ones or people of similar interests.  

How will it work?

First you’ll get a Facebook Groups notification inviting you to each new group chat, after which you have to voluntarily join to receive further notifications.  

In case you miss the initial alert, there would be an option where users can browse through active chat threads, launch a new one. Users can also turn off notifications for message reactions or Messenger games and opt-in to be notified only if they have been “@mentioned” in the thread.

Group admins can always shut down a group chat or limit their creation to only other admins.

What Else?

This update would also facilitate audio and video calls for up to 50 members at once.

Facebook expects that Chat for Groups would make its discussion forums more real-time and engaging, strengthening loyalty to one of the social network’s most differentiated features.

Earlier, the Facebook allowed only up to 150 people on a Group chat at once

The social networking  platform already offers group chat for up to 250 members of a Facebook Event, and in 2016 Messenger tested public discussion “Rooms.”

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