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India’s first autonomous tractor revealed by Escorts Group

The autonomous tractor along with other digital agri-service platforms announced at the event will eventually help farmers double their incomes.

Escorts Limited launched an array of automatic farming solutions at their Esclusive 2018 event  in New Delhi. Among the announcements, the most noteworthy solution was the Automated Concept Tractor, which is basically a self-driven tractor aimed to promote automation and precision technology in India’s farmlands.

Capabilities of the autonomous tractor

India’s first (as claimed by Escorts Group) self-driven agricultural tractor combines an array of advanced features including auto-steering, automated implement control, smart implements and sprayers, GPS guidance with real-time tracking, geo-fencing and the first application of automated manual transmission in India. The features are driven  by underlying technologies and components like variety of sensors, mechatronic controls, machine learning algorithms and other IoT applications. The tractor is capable of reducing ownership costs and OPEX by 35 per cent. All these features will enable precision farming, with the grand aim to double the income of the agri-community by 2022.

More solutions and partner ecosystem

To connect the agri-community better digitally, the Escorts group also showcased a plethora of digital solutions – most of which are mobile-based applications. Addressing various issues like lack of proper farming infrastructure and high cost burdens among farm-owners, they revealed a number of Shared Services for agri-solutions. They include:

  • The Escorts Crop Solutions (ECS) platform that allows farmers to rent end-to-end equipment for paddy farming under a pay-per-use model
  • TRAXI, which is a service platform to aggregate farm equipment owners to rent out their equipment and vehicle (like tractors or other tools) to small and marginal farmers
  • SMART PARTS to offer genuine parts and skilled service at an affordable price
  • DIGITRAC as a front-end farmer interface for customized agri-information
  • FARM POWER, to provide advanced implements and equipment for efficient and productive farming.

Many of these services can be availed even if the user’s cellular device is not a smartphone.

Escorts has collaborated with seven technology giants, namely Microsoft, Reliance Jio, Trimble, Samvardhana Motherson Group, WABCO, BOSCH and AVL to deliver the various offerings and the autonomous tractor.

AVL delivers the electric driveline technology. Trimble provides sensors, controls, water level management system and automated e-steering. Samvardhana Motherson Group adds the Smart Interface Cabins & Care Plus – a two-way voice interface for real time service. WABCO has partnered for delivering Vehicle Controls & Automation Technology. Microsoft provides its Cloud & AI technology enabling precision agriculture capabilities. BOSCH is responsible for future emission readiness. Reliance Jio offers enhanced farm machinery life cycle with networked platform providing service and genuine spare parts across the country.


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