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Digital Signage Solutions with Cloud Technology and Central Management

Panasonic’s new digital signage solution consists of a 4K video wall and professional display, powered by their proprietary software

Panasonic India unveiled its new range digital signage solution called SignEdge. It is a complete kit of hardware and software components that facilitate advanced viewing experience in professional environments. The solution can be ideal for companies to showcase their advertising and branding campaigns, the integration solution enables the users to achieve their communications goals in an efficient manner.

Features of SignEdge

The SignEdge offering consists of ultra-resolution video walls and professional display monitors, powered by their proprietary SignEdge software. The professional display monitors will be of the size range between 43 inches and 98 inches. The video wall will have a 4K resolution and have a size range from 49 inches up to 55 inches with 1.8mm to 3.5mm bezel width.
The SignEdge software facilitates easy control and web-based multicast content to widely spread displays, irrespective of geographical boundaries. With these kind of digital signage solutions, all systems can be centrally managed, providing the users with complete access to the tools for the maintenance and creation of content.

The solution supports integration capabilities with third party software and applications in customer networks. Morever, organisations can create reports on the display status and CMS software, focusing on facets such as display/media player report, assigned content running report and user activity report etc

Philips provides various cloud-based solutions to complement the SignEdge platform and minimize the hardware requirement.

As a service offers, users will also have access to 236 authorized service centres, to perform activities such as Design, Installation, commissioning and support for the deployed solution and a toll free number which can support a total of 10 languages.

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