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Aeris Connected Vehicle Solution Helps Recover Stolen eRickshaw

Galaxy, a client of Aeris, first implemented Aeris Connected eRickshaw solution in as many as 100 of its eRickshaws eight months back

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Aeris, an Internet of Things (IoT) technology partner for enterprises, successfully tracked and recovered a stolen electric rickshaw through its Connected eRickshaw solution.

Launched in 2018, Aeris Connected eRickshaw solution helps transform conventional battery powered eRickshaws into connected vehicles.

Considered to be India’s first IoT-based connected eRickshaw solution, it comes loaded with features that deliver a unique connected experience to distributors, dealers, finance and insurance providers as well as the fleet owners of electric vehicles in the country.

According to an industry report, 11,000 eRickshaws are launched every month in India. With the increasing on-road number of eRickshaws, incidents of vehicle thefts are also rising in Delhi NCR on an alarming rate.

To help the eRickshaw owners and financers who are providing micro loans to small fleet and individual owners, Aeris launched the Connected eRickshaw solution last year.

Anti-theft feature helped track the vehicle

On the recovery of the e- rickshaw, Santosh Kumar, owner of the eRickshaw, testified, “I bought my eRickshaw from the company Galaxy, a client of Aeris. During the purchase, Galaxy salesman advised me to invest in the anti-theft feature among other accessories for my vehicle. I am happy to share that my eRickshaw was recovered successfully because of the right decision I took during the time of purchase.”

“When I learnt that my eRickshaw has been stolen, I placed a phone call to the Galaxy company office and informed about the theft. I went to lodge the police complaint along with a Galaxy representative, who using his mobile phone, could track the active location of my stolen eRickshaw and showed it to the policemen,” he narrated.

While the complaint was getting lodged, Ashok Narang, CEO Galaxy eRickshaw, placed a call to Aeris helpline desk to inform about the theft. The Aeris support team then immediately immobilized Santosh’s eRickshaw remotely to ensure that this vehicle couldn’t move from its current location anymore.

Later, the police were successfully able to track and recover the vehicle with the help of Aeris Connected Vehicle solution.

Ashok Narang, CEO Galaxy E-Rickshaw, said, “This is the first time in my area that police have been able to recover an eRickshaw in less than 12 hours. The police proactively acted upon Galaxy’s complain and using the current location of my customer’s eRickshaw as shown on the Aeris app on the mobile, they were able to catch the thief in no time. Since our eVehicle was already immobilized by Aeris remotely, the thief could not move it, and this further helped in recovery of the eRickshaw without any damage.”

According to Abhishek Rajput, CTO Galaxy E-Rickshaw, they were first introduced to this solution by Aeris eight months back.

He shared, “Realizing the benefits of Aeris Connected eRickshaw solution, we decided to implement it in 100 eRickshaws. Because of this wise decision, we were able to help our customer recover his only source of livelihood. As soon as this incident came into public knowledge, our older customers have started placing orders to make their eRickshaw smarter too.”

Key features

The Connected eRickshaw solution from Aeris comes powered with features such as B2B web portal access and mobile app, single view dashboard, map view of vehicles with status, live tracking, complete trip data analytics and alerts on over-speeding, crash, theft, etc.

Further it offers easy navigation with route search, maps/places, remote control with geo-fencing and immobilization, reports of vehicle details- secure park, immobilize vehicle, SOS, trips, battery management including voltage, battery temperature measurement, current monitoring, state of charge, state of health, battery status and more.

Dr Rishi Mohan bhatnagar, President Aeris India, “We at Aeris pay special attention to the problems faced at the grass root level, impacting the common man and it is our motto to imbibe the IoT technology to resolve such problems.”

Aeris offers end-to-end IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions and services for the automobile, insurance, healthcare, utilities and manufacturing industries. Its comprehensive Aeris Mobility IoT Platform (AMP) helps enterprises enhance revenue, create new services and business models.




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