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3D Printing Solutions for Product Prototyping

This development in 3D printing can advance overall design approval process and provide greater efficiencies 

Carbon Fiber filled Nylon 12 material and Vivid Colors, by Stratasys India, can deliver realistic and coloured parts at speeds that can be potentially fast. This allows application of 3D printing systems in product prototyping.

To further applications in automation

The addition of two new materials– VeroYellowV and VeroMagentaV– can deliver red, orange and yellow colours with semi-transparency. This can find applications of 3D printing in representing automotive lights and housing in consumer goods and models.

The new J750 and J735 printers are engineered to perform prototype creation in industries ranging from automotive and consumer goods to research and education. The directional orientation of carbon fibres enables parts to have uniaxial stiffness. This can open design freedoms that are not present in either traditional thermoplastic or additive manufacturing.

3D printing for designers

The introduced FDM Nylon 12CF is a chopped carbon fibre-filled (35% by weight) polyamide 12 that is said to have a high strength-to-weight ratio and a tensile strength on par with other high-performance FDM materials.

The introduction of the new printing materials intends to address the market opportunities in product prototyping by 3D printing. The ability of the printers to produce prototypes that can emulate the final parts can reduce the total time taken for design approval process. This can eventually advance the number of iterations run and the time-to-market.

These characteristics can enable functional prototyping such as UAV components and tooling in aerospace applications, bumpers, fixtures and brackets in transportation and tooling in general manufacturing.

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