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Picking Bluetooth-Powered Headphones Within ₹ 4000

The technology world has already shown us the unlimited advantages of going wireless. Wireless headphones are one of the most popular innovations today. The flexibility of hands-free control and freedom from tangled wires in crowded vehicles is incomparable. Headphones can utilise technologies like Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF) to operate wirelessly. In this article we look at Bluetooth-powered in-ear headphones due to the extensive pervasiveness of the technology today. We have limited our choices to headphones that cost ₹ 4000 or less.

Features of Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth is an integral feature of smartphones, making it one of the most used media to transmit data wirelessly. Bluetooth headphones work on the same principle. To put it simply, the source device, that is, smartphone, tablet or music system, transmits audio data digitally in the form of a low-power Bluetooth radio signal. The headphones house a Bluetooth module, whose receiver unit receives the signal. A small amplifier inside the headphones strengthens the received signal. The signal is decoded back into audio data and played through the ear pieces. The headphones come with a battery pack to keep it running.

Bluetooth headphones can pair with a single source device at a time. This ensures no interference by other devices during signal transmission. Data is transmitted in a secured connection. Generally, Bluetooth pairing can operate within a range of 10m (30-feet) between the paired devices. The headphones feature various control buttons for easy and quick use, including volume control, connectivity, playlists and more.

Data shared over Bluetooth is usually compressed, which often compromises its quality, especially audio files. However, inclusion of a new technology, called aptX, addresses that challenge well, ensuring modern Bluetooth headphones receive audio quality closest to the original file.

While purchasing a set of headphones, the most essential feature to identify is sound quality. First-hand physical trial of the device is the best way to evaluate it. In addition to sound, other features can also help determine the choice.

Features like higher sound pressure level of, say, 100dB to determine the loudness range of the headphones and higher impedance (not less than 33ohms) to ensure longer life of the device can be reliable factors.

Good bass quality and noise-cancellation features should also be considered. It is important to ensure that the selected headphones have aptX support and a good battery life (at least four hours audio play and 10 hours talk life). Go for a product that comes with a microphone for communication. In addition, a lightweight option can be considered to assure comfortable portability.

Latest products

The market is rich with numerous options, with many vendors offering multiple products. We have enlisted a few below.

Samsung U-Flex

Samsung’s Bluetooth offering dons an adjustable U-shaped neck band. The lightweight and resistant fabric is suitable for all sorts of usage, including in gyms, for jogs, travel or leisure. It contains an in-built microphone for two-way communication.

Sound quality is enhanced with 8mm tweeters and 11mm woofers, ensuring clear timbre and good
bass. It also has Bixby voice assistant built in, which delivers a convenient user experience. It is available for ₹ 3799.

Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth headphones

These wireless headphones weigh 24 grams, and come with an eight-hour battery life. Built-in microphone can be used to receive calls and communicate. Noise cancellation feature provides clear sound quality. The headphones are priced at ₹ 2999.

Sony WI-C300

Sony provides a satisfactory sound quality through its 9mm drivers. The headphones come with one-touch connectivity feature and easy-to-use control buttons. The battery provides eight hours of talktime. It is available for ₹ 2349 online.

Portronics Harmonic 200

This product from Portronic is value for money, providing up to 18 hours of talktime and playtime. Its water-resistant body makes it fit to be used in rough weather conditions. The form factor is broader but foldable and retractable, making it easy to carry while being space-effective. It is available for ₹ 1949.

boAt Rockerz 255

Rockerz 255 by boAt is a popular sports headphone option. It is lightweight and houses a 110mAh battery that can run up to six hours. It has inbuilt Cortana voice support, and is priced at ₹ 1499.


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