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Choosing Cloud-Powered Plug-And-Play Home Security Cameras

Plug-and-play devices are quite handy for households. These save time, money and effort in installation, and get into action anytime and anywhere. Latest wireless security cameras have also joined the list of plug-and-play electronics. The rise of IP-based cameras with real-time feed has enabled modern nuclear families to ensure safety of their children, pets and homes.

Another important factor that drives the popularity of home security cameras is their mobile-based usage mode that come with cloud-based storage facilities.

Important features

Modern home security cameras are lightweight, easily installable and provide multiple smart features. While selecting a home security camera, it is important to check the recording quality and field-of-view (FOV) that the camera can facilitate. Recording resolution should be at least of HD quality (720 pixels) and have a 120-degrees FOV to get clear and wide views of the intended premises. Higher video resolution provides clearer imagery at the cost of higher storage space.

While live-streaming of video feed is a mandatory feature for IP cameras, storage of the feed is also important for followups on events or incidents. Cloud-based storage is the most beneficial option in this aspect, as this feature allows users to access stored videos from anywhere, remotely.

SD card-based storage is another option in home security cameras. However, with this, space becomes limited and may get quickly exhausted, unless the SD card is of at least 256GB. Cloud storage, on the other hand, can be expanded as per requirements through subscriptions.

Cloud storage is a better option for data safety, too. Unlike physical storage options like SD cards that can be destroyed along with the data, a cloud-based camera sends data instantly to a remote server, keeping it safe, even if the physical camera gets harmed. Many devices offer both storage modes.

Cameras are connected using Wi-Fi, making data transmission reliable, secure and consistent. In addition to these features, other features should also be considered. One is availability of night-vision capability. It is advisable to go for a device that can record both coloured and black-and-white videos in night-vision mode, to have a detailed view of the premises.

Mobile-based usage can also be advantageous, as mobile-compatible devices can send real-time alerts, support two-way audio-video interaction, enable remote control and allow anytime video access to users. Many vendors offer multiple cameras configurable through a single account using a mobile application.

Market choices

Listed below are some of the many options of Wi-Fi home security cameras that come with cloud storage.

D-Link DCS-P6000LH

This mini camera is a great example of a plug-and-play device. The compact Wi-Fi security camera can record 720p videos with a 120-degree FOV. Night-vision mode allows viewing up to five metres.

myDLink app allows remote real-time video viewing. It features two-way audio support, motion and sound detection and alert systems. Videos can be stored on the phone or in D-Link’s cloud. Bluetooth connectivity and Alexa-control is supported too. The camera is available at a starting price of ₹ 2499.

SmileDrive Twins

 This is an interesting offering by SmileDrive, which houses two camera lenses in one body, giving full 720-degree coverage. Both cameras can record up to full-HD (1080p) resolution videos. The Wi-Fi-driven camera supports SD card storage (up to 128GB) as well as cloud storage (paid subscription basis).


The cloud can be accessed using a proprietary mobile application, which can be used to configure the camera and view video feeds in real time. The product supports night vision and has motion detectors. It is available for ₹ 3999.

D3D wireless HD camera

D3D provides a reasonable Wi-Fi security camera, which records 720p resolution videos. It supports night vision and mobile-based control. The application allows users to manually rotate the camera across 360 degrees. It has two-way audio support, motion sensing and real-time notification capabilities. Recordings can be stored on an SD card, or be retrieved from D3D’s FTP cloud server. It can be availed for ₹ 2999 on various online stores.

Yi 1080p home camera

Yi’s cloud-enabled wireless camera is a popular choice for indoor monitoring. It can record videos up to 1080p resolution. It has a 112-degree FOV and image distortion correction feature. It supports night vision up to nine metres, and comes with motion detectors.


Data can be stored on memory cards (up to 32GB) or on Yi cloud. The mobile application facilitates two-way video communication. Its baby monitor has baby crying detection feature. The camera is available on Yi website at a starting price tag of US$ 69 (₹ 5005 approximately).

There are many more options available from different vendors that can be explored. While making a purchase, make sure the dealer is offering a reasonable warranty period, too.

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