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Fashion brand optimises supply chain in India with high-speed Linear Sorter

The Linear Sorter developed by GreyOrange will automate sortation of over 8000 inbound SKUs daily and distribution across 500 locations in India for the international fashion brand.

The contribution of high-speed Linear Sorters to e-commerce and third-party logistics businesses has been substantial in process optimisation and business efficiency. Recently, GreyOrange, the robotics and supply chain automation company, announced the deployment of their Linear Sorter at an international fashion brand’s facility to optimise their supply chain.

Located at the brand’s new distribution center in Maharashtra, the machinery has been custom-made as an order consolidation item sorter for retail distribution. At inbound stage, over 8000 SKUs comprising more than 1500 styles of fashion items per day will get sorted by it. At the outbound stage, the sorter will automatically sort and consolidate items from the inventory based on orders to be dispatched to different stores.

Customised solution for automation

Unlike parcel sortation operation (in logistics), order consolidation is involved with higher number of exceptions and complexities. GreyOrange’s Linerar Sorter is programmed accordingly by customising the software over existing hardware – enabling it to handle a wide variety of SKUs and orders by each store. It creates a high degree of flexibility for the machine for switching to handling one process or another, e.g., inbound inventory or returns handling. GreyOragne’s Sorter will also handle the segregation of returns inventory in order to simplify the process, replacing the pre-existing time-consuming manual processes. All these will result into substantial improvement in process efficiency.

Vivekanand, country manager, India and SAARC, GreyOrange

Vivekanand, country manager – India and SAARC, GreyOrange said, “We are delighted that this Sorter delivers one of the highest performance in terms of versatility in providing a responsive supply chain. This Sorter can easily switch to handling the specific requirements of each stage of the warehouse process – Inbound, Outbound and returns – providing maximum throughput during the shifts.”

The fashion brand provides fashion clothing and accessories for women, men, teenagers and children across 500 locations of the country, including exclusive brand outlets and shop-in-shop in multi-brand stores.

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