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An all-in-one ICT solution for SMEs to reduce maintenance

The ICT box, called SmartOffice, can deliver functionalities of IP-PBX, Wi-Fi router, Firewall, DHCP server and more, reducing overall investment required in voice and data infrastructure.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) introduced an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), called SmartOffice. The single box offering  combines various data-driven services like voice, data, storage and other applications. The solution is aimed towards new offices, small or medium business, startups and so on, that require setups which are easy to deploy and maintain. The product was launched at the Do Big Forum event, organised by TTBS in Indore.

The benefits of the ICT box

SMEs and startups often face with the challenge of managing too many devices. High CAPEX and OPEX, installation efforts and dealing with several vendors drains away essential time and money. Single unit solutions can reduce these expenses and efforts and also keep the learning curve for the technology optimal.

The SmartOffice box provides various functionalities like IP-PBX, Data Router, Wi-Fi Router, Firewall, and DHCP server, to establish telecom infrastructure of the enterprise. More facilities include Basic Rate Interfaces, Primary Rate Interfaces and local PSTN gateways.  As a result, small offices can keep their investment limited to a single box for voice and data infrastructure

Mannu Singh, SME Operations Head, West Region, TTBS, said, “We have bundled the box free to ensure that businesses, especially start-ups, don’t have to worry about incurring capex on telecom infrastructure.”

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