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Solution to Centralise Monitoring of Business Automation Tools

The centralised automation monitoring platform launched by Genpact can improve data security, enable predictive maintenance and increase business productivity by 50 per cent.

Automation of business operations are in the limelight today as companies are increasingly adopting bots, AI tools and IoT platforms to digitise their processes. However, even for automated tools, managers require clear visibility of the operations being carried out and the transactions involved. The solution lies in platforms that can centralise all these information in one place. One such platform has been launched by Genpact, called Cora CommandCenter. The solution brings performance data of all digital platforms, integrated into a business network, in a common platform – enabling managers and decision makers to make predictive strategies and improve the tools in use.

How a centralised monitoring system improves business

Businesses can use platforms like Cora CommandCenter to improve data security compliance in their systems, optimise the tasks done by the automation tools and take predictive measures against any upcoming problems. The Cora platform uses data encryption technologies, helping companies mitigate risk and improve compliance in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) implementations. Cora provides dashboards with auditing and analytics tools that can generate insights across business units and corresponding automation solutions.

The platform is driven by machine learning algorithms to address incidents and exceptions with real-time push alerts. In addition, it integrates technologies like natural language processing, conversational AI, computer vision, robotic process automation and big data analytics – all of which provide users a intuitive platform to draw insights and take business decisions.

Benefits of centralised monitoring

Major benefits of such platforms to businesses include optimised utilisation of their digital infrastructure, better data security, reduced costs in maintenance and troubleshooting and an overall increased business efficiency. The physical workforce of the business can focus on higher level operations and improve customer service. All these result into a productivity growth by 50 per cent.

Genpact provides a case study for the Cora platform where a global food and beverages company used the solution to automate 80 percent of their invoices and 65 per cent of help desk queries and deploy their workforce towards more strategic roles to improve customer service. With Cora, their collections and cash automation delivers transactions with 99 percent accuracy, and has reduced processing costs per invoice by 60 percent.

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