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AI based Biometric User Identification to Spot Real Skin in No Time

COSEC Facial Recognition – a biometric user identification based on deep learning technology (a subset of Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence), has been launched to enable checking liveness of a face with an accuracy of 99.53% in less than a second, thanks to Matrix – a telecom and security solution provider. The device evolves based on regular user interaction in different conditions and identifies a user quickly with 1:1 or 1:N identification methods.

Conveniently, the device accepts the user’s mobile as a credential, thereby eliminating hardware cost and making the verification process simpler and secure. It reads the user’s face through COSEC APTA application, ensuring contactless authentication and quick identification of the face.

Explaining the benefits of this device, Jatin Desai, product manager – Access Control and Time-Attendance, said: “This tool conceived with Liveness Detection method has the ability to read beyond the surface of the skin, identifying real skin within fraction of a second. The technology will cater to different verticals for various Access Control and Time-Attendance applications.”

Using this device one can avoid the issues of identifying varying heights as the user needs to capture the image of their face in a smart phone for authentication. Also, it works well in low bandwidth conditions and is agnostic to changes in facial hair, angles and lighting.  Dual security and location tracking through GPS are some of the additional features of this tool, providing better authentication.

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