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Devika Bhatnagar

software suite

AI Software Suite to Accelerate Businesses

Atos makes an attempt to provide support for businesses and institutes in the development of AI applications A comprehensive AI software suite by Atos has been launched for businesses globally including India. It aims at providing support for businesses and research institutes in the development, deployment and management of AI applications. Underlying objective The software… Read More »AI Software Suite to Accelerate Businesses

Fiber to the home technology

Fiber To The Home Technology for Telecoms

Fiber to the home technology can allow TV calling features and further developments in smart home technologies An optical fibre-based broadband service JioGigaFibre will soon be launched by Reliance Industries. The company has proposed taking fibre-based broadband connectivity to homes and enterprises in 1,100 cities. Technology for the telecom sector With its smart home technology… Read More »Fiber To The Home Technology for Telecoms


Robots for Automated Pizza-Making

Mechanised alternatives to hand-made pizzas with improved overall delivery rates A pizzaiolo robot launched by a French start-up Ekim can help automate the process of making pizzas. With three arms and programmed gestures similar to those of pizza-makers, it can make several pizzas simultaneously. Underlying objective The idea of a robot pizza-maker was proposed by… Read More »Robots for Automated Pizza-Making

smart furniture

Furnishings That Automate Your Home

Smart furniture is the next big thing in home automation. Many international furniture brands like Ikea now offer an interesting range of smart products such as tables with wireless charging pads, multimedia beds, alarm embedded bedsheets and many more Recently, the world’s largest furniture retailer, Ikea, launched its smart furniture range. And, suddenly, the world around me started to… Read More »Furnishings That Automate Your Home

networking technology, smart world

Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities

An international alliance aims at developing an open source, multi-transport wireless networking technology and data model to eliminate dependency on proprietary solutions The uCIFI Alliance, an alliance including members from Kerlink, EDMI and Schréder, announced their goal of reducing complexities for device suppliers and delivering data and services consistently regardless of the concerned network. A step… Read More »Standardised Networking Technology to Empower Smart Cities

3D printing

3D Printing Solutions for Product Prototyping

This development in 3D printing can advance overall design approval process and provide greater efficiencies  Carbon Fiber filled Nylon 12 material and Vivid Colors, by Stratasys India, can deliver realistic and coloured parts at speeds that can be potentially fast. This allows application of 3D printing systems in product prototyping. To further applications in automation… Read More »3D Printing Solutions for Product Prototyping


Mission 2030: Where Does India’s EV Ecosystem Stand?

At present, India doesn’t have any manufacturer with the technology or infrastructure to make lithium batteries for EVs India has started its journey towards achieving an all-green vehicle ecosystem by 2030. Transport minister Nitin Gadkari’s bold statement of bulldozing in a completely green automotive era confirmed the priority of the agenda. English dailies quoted Gadkari… Read More »Mission 2030: Where Does India’s EV Ecosystem Stand?